Service centres

Service centers and after-sales service occupy a special place in the complex complex, which is the supply of technologically sophisticated equipment such as equipment for the mining industry. The growth in the fleet of high-tech equipment places high demands on the functioning and development of the service maintenance system, in connection with which the company’s specialists have developed and proposed exclusive conditions for the supply of spare parts under the service agreement and decided to open regional warehouses and service centers.

In the warranty period, in order to increase the reliability of the newly arrived equipment, the following activities are carried out by service technicians:

Qualified technical assistance in installation (installation supervision), monitoring compliance with installation instructions;
Carrying out commissioning, operational adjustment of individual units and systems, commissioning of equipment;
Monitoring, prompt elimination of failures, accidents and malfunctions;
Advising the Customer’s personnel on the device, rules and norms of technical operation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment.

In the post-warranty period, the company’s after-sales service carries out the following activities on a contractual basis:

Diagnostics of parts, components and mechanisms of equipment, by highly qualified specialists, followed by the preparation of a defective statement and the issuance of recommendations for ensuring continued operability and operation;
The restoration of operability (repair) of equipment with the replacement of worn parts, components and mechanisms with the provision of warranty for components that have been replaced;
Commissioning after equipment repair;
Timely supply of spare parts;
Consultation on the subject of malfunctions and methods of their elimination by phone and e-mail

SERVICE CENTER in the Siberian Federal District (Kemerovo):
for the maintenance of underground transport equipment

LLC “KemMash”
Kemerovo city, Zavodsky district, st. Kirzavodskaya, 9
tel / fax (3842) 45-40-75
Director – Konstantin A. Kolotov