Mine fan with electric drive VVM-7

The VVM-7 counter-rotating shaft mine fan with an explosion-proof electric drive is designed to ventilate dead-end mines with a cross section of 16-35 m at an air density of up to 1.3 kg / m, a temperature of 268 to 308 K, dust content of up to 50 mg / m and relative humidity up to 95% (at a temperature of 298 K).

During operation, the fan is installed in a horizontal position with a permissible deviation of the fan axis from the horizontal of not more than 30 °.
A distinctive feature of fans of this type from fans of VME-2 type is a significantly greater created head with a smaller nominal diameter and greater efficiency, due to the absence of losses in rectifying devices and loss of twisting at the fan outlet. If necessary, VVM fans can operate with one engine turned on, which increases the efficiency of the machine. At the request of the consumer, the fans can be supplied with voltage 380/660 V and 660/1140 V.


  • modern high-pressure aerodynamic design
  • thermal protection with the ability to turn off the fan when the normal temperature and bearing vibration are exceeded
  • fan blades made of non-combustible materials
  • profitability
  • has a built-in silencer.


Parameter Name  ВВМ-7
Nominal diameter mm 700
Nominal flow, m³ / s 8.8
Nominal total pressure, Pa 7100
Maximum Full Efficiency 0,64
Electric drive power, kW 50*2
Rotation frequency, min 3000
Engine protection IP54
Length no more than, mm 2250
Height, mm, no more 1080
Width, mm, no more 1000
Set weight, kg, no more 1030