Explosion-proof fan, with Ex explosion protection level Exdl. It is allowed to apply as fans of the main ventilation. At the request of the petrograd, the fans can be supplied with voltage of 380/660 V and 660/1140 V. The fans are designed for operation with a flexible or rigid duct with a diameter of 800 and 100 mm.


  • modern aerodynamic design with high pressure characteristic.
  • thermal protection with the ability to turn off the fan in excess of normal temperature.
  • fan blades are made of non-combustible materials.
  • profitability.
  • at the request of the customer, the fan can be equipped with a silencer.


Parameter Name VME-8-90
Nominal diameter mm 800
Nominal flow, m3 / s 14
Nominal total pressure, Pa 4200
Maximum full efficiency,% 0,62
Electric drive power, kW 90
Rotational speed, min-1 3000
Engine protection IP54
Length, mm, no more 1350
Height, mm, no more 1200
Width, mm, no more 1100
Set weight, kg, no more 1100