The VME-5 local ventilation fans are designed for ventilation of blind workings with air density up to 1.3 kg / m3, temperature from 268 to 308 K, dust content up to 50 mg / m3 and relative humidity up to 95% (at a temperature of 298 K). Explosion-proof fans with explosion protection level PB ExdI (РВ-3В). Aerodynamic characteristics allow the fan to be used in relatively small deadlock workings.
Explosion protection is provided by the use of explosion-proof electric motors, the shells of which comply with IP54 design.

At the request of the consumer, the fans can be supplied with voltage of 380 / 660V and 660 / 1140V.


  • the ability to turn off the fan in excess of normal temperature
  • profitability
  • the possibility of applying when ventilating small workings
  • upon request, the fan can be equipped with a silencer
  • dynamic impeller balancing with high accuracy class ensures long-term and reliable fan operation
  • in the design of the fan, an anti-tearing device is used, expanding the area of the fan and preventing its entry into the surge


Parameter Name ВМЭ-5
Nominal diameter mm 500
Nominal flow, m3 / s 3,65
Nominal total pressure, Pa 2000
Maximum full efficiency,% 0,66
Electric drive power, kW 15
Rotational speed, rpm 3000
Engine protection IP54
Length, mm, no more 1010
Height, mm, no more 835
Width, mm, no more 800