Mine fan with electric drive VME-4
Local ventilation fan type VME-4 axial single-stage with explosion-proof removable electric motor with explosion protection level PB ExdI (РВ 3В)
Designed for ventilation of dead-end mine workings in coal and ore mines, including gas and dust hazardous ones, with air densities up to 1.3 kg / m3, temperature from 268 to 308 K, dust content up to 50 mg / m3 and relative humidity up to 95% (at temperature 298 K).
During operation, the fan is installed in a horizontal position with a permissible deviation of the fan axis from the horizontal of not more than ± 30 °.
At the request of the consumer, the fans can be supplied with voltage of 380 V, 660 V.

  • the ability to turn off the fan in excess of normal temperature
  • profitability
  • the possibility of applying when ventilating small workings
  • upon request, the fan can be equipped with a silencer
  • dynamic impeller balancing with high accuracy class ensures long-term and reliable fan operation
  • in the design of the fan, an anti-tearing device is used, expanding the area of ​​the fan and preventing its entry into the surge

Технические характеристики

Parameter Name ВМЭ -4
Nominal diameter mm 400
Nominal flow, m3 / s 2,0
Nominal total pressure, Pa 1300
Maximum full efficiency,% 0,61
Electric drive power, kW 4,0
Rotational speed, rpm 3000
Engine protection IP45
Set weight, kg 135
Length, mm, no more 825
Height, mm, no more 560
Width, mm, no more 600