Ventilation doors

Doors in the ventilation lintel (ventilation doors) designed to completely or partially isolate the ventilation jets in the workings through which people or vehicles move. To reduce air leaks, it is recommended to install at least two doors in series (in this case, they form a ventilation gate). Doors are placed in stone, concrete or wooden lintels. For self-closing the doors, the door frame is set with a slope of approx. 80 ° or use counterweights, springs, etc. Excavations with heavy traffic are equipped with automatically opening doors. To regulate the air distribution in the excavation system, ventilation doors with a window and a shutter are installed in them.

Gates and doors mine.
Shaft gates and doors of various types are necessarily used in shaft shafts, both at the entrance to the shaft shaft and in the shaft itself. The dimensions of gates and doors can vary depending on the dimensions of the barrel structure, from 1000×2000 mm to 8000×9000 mm.
Types of gates and doors mine:
• Gate sliding mechanized warmed
• Gate mine automatic air intake
• Door mine automatic ventilation
• Folding mechanized trunk door
• Sliding door 1 with drive
• Sliding gate opening mechanism
• Lattice door
• Combined door
• Sliding barrel door
• Fire door
• Fire door with continuous and lattice leaves
• Door mine safety
• Lattice door with continuous leaves (rail, railless)