UVTsG-7 (9.15) marked I Mb c X

Fans gas suction UVTsG-7 (9.15) marked I Mb c X

The fan consists of a split housing, a rotor installed in two bearings, a frame, an electric motor. The electric motor is mounted on mounting bolts. It is possible to supply fans as part of the installation complete with a switching device. Distinctive features – a modern aerodynamic design with a high-pressure characteristic, – thermal protection with the ability to turn off the fan when the bearings are heated above the norm, – an explosion-proof electric motor, – brass seals in the places of possible frictional sparking, – filling the impeller blades with foam that prevents liquid from entering them, – dynamic balancing of the impeller according to the high accuracy class, – grease lubrication of the bearing assemblies, – particularly rigid massive metal structures of the frame and housing, – bearing cooling system.


Parameters UVTsG-7 UVTsG-9 UVTsG-15
Wheel diameter mm 810 900 1610
Rotation frequency, min – 1 3000 3000 3000
Nominal flow, m3 / s 9,0 18,5 38,0
Nominal static pressure, Pa 8000 14000 9800
Maximum Static Efficiency 0,78 0,78 0,82
Drive power kW 132,0 400 400