Switch point to backup self-rescuers

Designed to protect people from the effects of harmful factors in the mine atmosphere when switching mine workers to backup self-rescuers in emergency situations.

In addition, it can be used for shelter and rest of rescuers during the liquidation of accidents.

PPRS is developed in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 51 and paragraph 56 of the “Safety Rules in Coal Mines” (PB 05-618-03) for use in coal industry enterprises in remote working areas, the exit from which in case of accidents is not provided by time protective action of the self-rescuer.

It can be used in other industries where there is a threat of an emergency with the formation of an atmosphere unsuitable for breathing.

PPRS is a metal structure consisting of three types of modules – two end and intermediate. The number of intermediate modules is determined based on the number of the largest shift working in a potentially hazardous area. The modules are interconnected hermetically, the end modules have hermetically sealed doors.

PPRS end modules serve both for switching to the backup self-rescuer, and for input (input module) and output (output module).

Each module has cells for backup (spare) self-rescuers, a container for used self-rescuers, a source of fresh air (40 l cylinder). In the modules, at the level of the human head, blowing chambers are installed that are open on the front side, each of which is connected to a fresh air source through a faucet that opens with a foot drive (pedal).

The station is equipped with a spare liter cylinder with compressed oxygen for the artificial respiration apparatus in case the rescuers provide the necessary assistance to the victim.
In the switching point, limit switches are installed on the entrance and exit doors, connected with the console of the mine controller, in case of unauthorized opening of doors. There is also a five liter fire extinguisher.

At the switching point, there is a bracket for installing a telephone, which provides communication with the mine manager, as well as cable glands of explosion-proof design.

Technical specifications

The number of self-rescuers in one module, pcs 15
The number of compressed air cylinders in one module, pcs 1
The volume of air in one cylinder, m3 (l) 6,3 (6300)
Compressed air pressure in a cylinder, MPa 20
Estimated amount of air per person, l 300
Switching time to backup self-rescuer, s 40
Air reserve ratio 1,5-2
Estimated number of switchings in one module 15
The time of filling the chamber blowing with a breathing mixture, s 8
Overpressure in the blowing chamber, MPa, not less 0,0001
The number of people simultaneously switching in the module 1
Overall dimensions of the module, mm 2000х1200х1400
Weight (without cylinders for compressed air), kg 320