SRK70-05, 2SRK-70-05

Scraper conveyor type SRK70-05, 2SRK-70-05 manufactured by Kemerovo Machine-Building Plant are used to deliver coal, rock mass and materials to local mine workings with a cargo flow of up to 700 t / h in preparatory faces when harvesting or drilling and blasting in formations of at least 0 , 9m. The advantages include their high strength, failure-free operation, the ability to work on tracks with small bends in both vertical and horizontal planes. Conveyors are explosion-proof, therefore their use in coal mines and mines is permissible.

The KS-05 conveyor is designed for transporting rock mass from treatment and preparatory faces for coal mine workings, including hazardous by gas and dust.

The tail section of the conveyor SRK-70-05

Drive section of the conveyor SRK-70-05


Key Specifications
Productivity, t / min (t / h), not less 5,8 (350)
Scraper chain speed, m / s 1.0
Maximum allowable angle of inclination:

The longitudinal axis to the horizontal plane

Transverse axis to the horizontal plane


От -25° до +35°

От -8° до +8°

Length of conveyor in delivery, m 100
Drive Gear Type Conical cylindrical
Engine rated power, kW 55
Motor type ВРП225МК4
Number and arrangement of chains Two in the rails
Type of chain (caliber, pitch, strength class) 18х64С, 8
Breaking chain force, N (tf) 410000 (41)
The height of the pan, mm 190±1
Side pan length, mm 1540+5
Side pan width, mm 460+3
Weight of the set of delivery, kg, no more 16700