SRK-70-07, 2SRK-70-07

The scraper conveyor type SRK-70-07, 2SRK-70-07 produced by the Kemerovo Machine-Building Plant are used to deliver coal, rock mass and materials to local mine workings with a cargo flow of up to 700 t / h in preparatory faces when not using a combine or drilling and blasting ditch on formations less than 0.9m. The advantages include their high strength, failure-free operation, the ability to work on tracks with small bends in both vertical and horizontal planes. Conveyors are explosion-proof, therefore their use in coal mines and mines is permissible.

The conveyor SRK-70-07 is designed for transportation of rock mass from treatment and preparatory faces for coal mine workings, including hazardous by gas and dust.

The tail section of the conveyor SRK-70-07

Drive section of the conveyor SRK-70-07


Key Specifications
Productivity, t / min (t / h), not less 8,7 (525)
Scraper chain speed, m / s 1.0
Maximum allowable angle of inclination:

The longitudinal axis to the horizontal plane

Transverse axis to the horizontal plane


От -25° до +35°

От -8° до +8°

Length of conveyor in delivery, m 100, 150
Drive Gear Type Conical cylindrical
Engine rated power, kW 2×55
Motor type ВРП225МК4
Number and arrangement of chains Two in the rails
Type of chain (caliber, pitch, strength class) 18х64С, 8
Breaking chain force, N (tf) 410000 (41)
The height of the pan, mm 200…210
Side pan length, mm 1540+5
Side pan width, mm 595+3
Weight of the set of delivery, kg, no more 18900, 28000