Slotted sieves

Welded slotted screens are the main and at the same time the most technically advanced product line. They are successfully used in many processes of filtering solid particles from liquids. They are made of profiled wire made of high quality stainless and acid-resistant steel. The use of contact electric welding technology of a specially profiled working wire to a supporting transverse wire makes it possible to obtain very precise dimensions of the slits. They work ideally in static and dynamic systems, ensuring optimal process efficiency even in complex and aggressive work environments. Depending on individual applications, the company offers flat and cylindrical slotted sieves of any size, shape, as well as types of shackles, the connection of individual segments of which allows to obtain elements of large dimensions.

Characteristics of slotted screens

Extended sieve life

During abrasion of the working surface of the sieve there is a slight increase in the width of the gap

Increased work efficiency

Able to withstand high loads
High open surface ratio
Low clogging ability
Perfectly flat surface
High precision manufacturing
Increased efficiency and accuracy of separation, dewatering and filtration
Self-cleaning ability
Low pressure drop

High strength and clearance

Corresponding wire sizes
Corresponding wire sizes (type (3)
Form of working wires (type 5b, 3b or special wire)

Increased Savings, Lower Costs

Increased productivity
Durability of Operated Equipment
Reduced repair and maintenance costs