Dehydration Plants

KemMash Plant LLC, focusing on the needs of the coal and mining industries, as well as environmental protection of the earth, is testing the dehydrating OSHU installation, which provides quick, efficient separation of solids from liquids.

The advantages of this dehydration method are as follows:

1. No moving parts

2. High flow rates 3. long grid life and ease of installation, operation and maintenance

3. Depending on the needs of the customer, it is possible to manufacture a plant with the required performance.

4. Maximum efficiency and speed of work is achieved through the use of a welded bobbin sieve made by an arc in a cycloid – the curve of the fastest descent – designed for minimal turbulence in the water flow.

OSHU models are made in various modifications:
OSHU-1 – installation with a coal suction pump of the UK
OSHU-2 – installation with a high-frequency vibrator
OSHU-3- installation with a conveyor scraper series SRK, SRK-T
OSHU-4 – installation with a conveyor belt KLK-800, 1000, 1200

OSHU-5 – installation with a roar

Models are available in various sizes. Screen with slot holes in the range of 0.2 mm to 2 mm are offered to meet various requirements.

OSHU-1 dewatering plant: OSHU-1 is ideally suited for enterprises using large volumes of sludge water, such as mines, processing plants.

Complete with the dehydrating installation OSHU-1 is delivered:

Dewatering plant
The carbon vacuum cleaner with an electric motor U150-70K
Sludge filter
Slurry water hose (optional)
Drain hose clarified. water (on request
hydraulic monitor

Technical characteristics of the OSHU-1 installation are given in the table below:

№ п/п Name of characteristic Unit Parameter
1 Water performance m3 / h 80-120
2 Dehydrated Mass Productivity m2 / h oct.30
3 Length Width Height 1520*1845*2010
4 Max particle size, not more mm 20
5 Power el./mot. kW 55
6 Rotation frequency rpm 1485