Many underground coal mining companies have recently successfully used suspended monorail transport systems. Any tasks for the transportation of people and goods facing the engineering and technical personnel of a coal mining enterprise can be easily solved with the help of this outboard transport.

The ability to transport heavy bulky goods (lining sections) weighing up to 20 tons and above at various tilt angles of workings during installation and dismantling of treatment facilities.
Efficiency of delivery of equipment and materials to the faces during tunneling and treatment works. Safety of transporting people to and from work.
It is also important that the use of such systems favorably affects the reduction of accidents and injuries in coal enterprises.

Suspended monorail transport systems have proven themselves in high-performance mine faces that process powerful coal seams. A monorail with reinforced bearing capacity is being introduced at such enterprises, which allows carrying heavy loads of up to 30 tons on mine workings with an inclination angle of up to 27 °. Monorail suspended railways compares favorably with conventional ground rail systems with lower cost and laborious installation. A monorail installation is possible immediately after fixing the roof with an anchor or arched metal lining.


Bearing profile I 155
Maximum distance between suspensions, m 3
The maximum distance of the road fastening installation chain, m 30
The radius of curvature in the horizontal plane, m, min 4
The radius of curvature in the vertical plane, m, min 8
The maximum angle of the road, degrees ±30
The maximum permissible load capacity of the carrying trolleys on the track section,

2 m long with connecting rods 1 m, kg

10 000
Maximum traction force of a locomotive, kN 140
Permissible load of the suspension of the path, kN 100
Maximum speed of transportation, m / s 2