Explosion-proof battery box

Explosion-proof battery box type YaBV (2YaBV) is designed for the installation of acid traction batteries that provide direct current power to the electrical equipment of mine battery electric locomotives, designed to transport trolley trains along rail tracks in coal mine mines dangerous for gas and dust, in accordance with NPAO 10 -0.01 “Safety rules in coal mines.”

The box is an explosion-proof housing for accommodating traction batteries and circuit breakers with equipment for protection against short-circuit currents and control devices for insulation resistance and battery charge. One box is installed on electric locomotives weighing less than 8 tons, two boxes on electric locomotives weighing 8 tons and more. The case of the box is covered with an acid-resistant insulating material (Horal 7040), withstanding electrical breakdown strength of 5kV.


№ п/п Name of parameter and size Unit rev. Index
1. Type of current Constant
2. Battery rated current А 250
3. Battery rated voltage В 66
4. Explosion protection level and type РВ1В
5. Degree of protection against external influences of a box casing in accordance with GOST 14254 IP54
6. Overall dimensions of one module, L / W / H, no more мм 1350х890х775
7. Mass of one module, no more * кг 900