CNS multistage centrifugal pumps (sectional) are used for pumping water at a temperature of 1 to 45 degrees Celsius, as well as other liquids whose chemical composition and physical properties (viscosity, density) do not differ significantly from water. Pumping of substances containing not more than 0.2% solids with a maximum diameter of 0.2 mm is allowed. They are used for various household purposes, most often for pumping water in mines, to ensure water supply to various facilities, to increase pressure.

They are manufactured in different sizes with lettering and digital designation of modifications. For example, the TsNS 300-120 pump is a centrifugal sectional device for supplying cold water in the amount of 300 cubic meters per hour at a maximum pressure of 120 meters, and the TsNS 300-420 pump will provide the same supply volumes, but with a pressure of 420 meters of water.

In addition to standard models, specialized pumps are available, among which CNSG pumps are very popular in various industrial and economic sectors. Their design allows you to pump liquid substances with temperatures from 45 to 105 degrees, that is, in fact, these devices are designed for regular pumping of hot water. The most common sizes are CNSG 38-176, CNSG 38-220, CNSG 60-165.

The brands of pumps TsNSM (for pumping oil substances), TsNSN (for oil products), TsNSK (for acid waters) and others are also produced.

The catalog of our company contains a large assortment of pumping equipment of the central nervous system type, ranging from small economical units (so-called household units) to powerful devices that allow you to work on large industrial projects.

Technical characteristics of the central nervous system pumps:

Size Delivery, m3 / hour Head, m Engine power, kW Rotational speed, rpm
CNS 300-120 300 120 160 1475
CNS 300-180 300 180 250 1475
CNS 300-240 300 240 315 1475
CNS 300-300 300 300 400 1475
CNS 300-360 300 360 500 1475
CNS 300-420 300 420 500 1475
CNS 300-480  








CNS 300-540 300 540 800 1475
CNS 300-600 300 600 800 1475

N – Pump power, kW.