The company Yuzhkuzbassugol specializes in coal mining and processing and includes 12 mines (Abashevskaya, Alardinskaya, Gramoteinsky, Esaulskaya, Osinnikovskaya, Tomskaya, Tomusinskaya 5-6, Ulyanovskaya, “Yubileinaya”, “Tagaryshskaya”, “Kusheyakovskaya”, “Erunakovskaya VIII”), two concentration plants and 13 specialized auxiliary enterprises. Geographically, the mines are located in four cities of Kuzbass – Novokuznetsk, Mezhdurechensk, Osinniki, Belovo.

Raspadskaya Open Joint Stock Company is today one of the largest coal companies in Russia.
Raspadskaya OJSC is a unified industrial and territorial complex for the extraction and enrichment of coal, located in the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation.
Raspadskaya OJSC has mining licenses on the territory of an extensive coal deposit southwest of the Tomusinsky section of the Kuznetsk coal basin, which provides three-quarters of coking coal production in Russia.
Raspadskaya OJSC also exports its products to Ukraine and Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria).

SDS Holding is a strategic partner of the Administration of the Kemerovo Region in implementing programs of socio-economic development of Kuzbass.
The Siberian Business Union Holding Company CJSC includes coal mining, engineering, transport, utilities, construction, agricultural and processing enterprises, an insurance company, print media and radio stations, sports, recreation and entertainment facilities. In total, 41,000 people work in the holding’s enterprises in the Kemerovo Region, Altai Territory, and dozens of cities in Russia and the CIS. The company’s assets are managed through industry holdings: OJSC SDK-Ugol OJSC, OJSC SDS-Mash OJSC, OJSC Novotrans OJSC, SDS-Stroy LLC, OJSC SDS-Alco OJSC, SDS Mediaholding LLC , LLC Holding Company SDS-Energo.

SUEK today is the leading Russian fuel and energy company, the largest in the country and one of the world’s leading coal producers and suppliers. SUEK ranks first in Russia in terms of coal production and is confidently one of the largest coal mining companies in the world. Since its inception in 2001, SUEK has almost tripled its coal production to 96.2 million tons in 2008. Such dynamics is not only the result of an increase in the number of mining assets over the years, but, above all, it is a consequence implementing a program to increase production volumes, a competent investment policy, and increasing production efficiency.